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Survey Results

2021 Post-event Survey

Thank you to all the 2021 Hypnocon attendees that filled out our post-event feedback survey. Your feedback is invaluable for helping improve Hypnocon.

Below are some highlights!

Response Rate

Event Rating

  • Excellent — 70%
  • Good — 30%
  • Very good — 0%
  • Fair — 0%
  • Poor — 0%

Event Length

  • Total too short: 60%

    • Too short — 50%
    • Much too short — 10%
  • About right — 40%
  • Much too long — 0%
  • Too long — 0%

Would you attend in the future?

  • Yes — 100%
  • No — 0%

Do you plan on attending 2022?

  • Yes — 80%
  • Hoping to — 15%
  • No — 5%

Would you recommend Hypnocon to others?

  • Yes — 100%
  • No — 0%

What worked well?

  • The fractionation station and speed trance were super fun!
  • Play party was scorching hot!
  • Great balance of presentations and classes, for beginners to experts
  • The hypno stage show was a great cap stone to end the day!
  • Online registration was a great idea and made things very easy once I arrived.
  • The presentation by the PhD student was quite interesting and informative
  • The hotel was really lovely. The Saturday dinner was delicious, and the Saturday night Playparty was scorching hot! Even the weather was perfect, cool and no rain.

Suggestions for Improvements

  • An organized social gathering of some kind on Friday
  • The timing was tight. It’s hard to fit many events into that amount of time.
  • Move hypno 101 online
  • When I first started attending back in Chicago, the ‘Con was nearly all lecture. By a few years ago, it was nearly all free-form discussion. Maybe a mix of both is best.
  • More time for meeting and trancing.
  • Breaks between sessions could be longer. Having some other themes and possibly smaller break out conversations where attendees could choose from topics of interest in smaller groups.


  • I’ve been attending HypnoCon for some 20 years. I love meeting up with old friends and enjoy the opportunity to meet new ones and explore new experiences. Every year has its own unique character.
  • Hypnocan raises the bar on hypno kink conferences.
  • ThIs is such an amazing group of folks. A combination of respectful, playful, engaging and provocative.
  • Fun, sexy, intense and truly enjoyable weekend. Can hardly wait for next year’s Hypnocon!!

  • Got me hooked on hypnosis. I’m a subject AND a tist now!